Puzzle Game on Python (2015)

Last semester, I downloaded a nifty game on my Lumia called Permutile. It was a simple grid based puzzle game with tiles that had to be swapped in order to make them reach correct positions. Despite being simplistic and really easy to learn, it was amazingly addictive. So I decided to make a clone of the game, atleast in the algorithm department.
The algorithm indeed was simple and was coded in under a couple of well utilized hours. Not more than a 80 line python code, sans the comments.
Now came an area where I had never worked before, GUI programming for python. Searched the internet and found an IDE called GLADE Gtk3 that could help me make my app. So I started with the tutorials and finished them all in under a day. I started making the GUI for the buttons and did a lot of redundant work, but was able to make the final app in a span of 24 hours.

So it’s finished. It’s available for anyone to play on my Github. Link Here.

Here are a few screenshots:

New Puzzle
Aced It! \m/
Aced It! \m/

Future Improvements (If I give it time):

  • Congratulations Screen ( 😛 )
  • High Score Count
  • Variable Sized Grid.

Do try it out and give appropriate feedback. Peace!

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