YouTube MP3 Splitter Applet (2015)

This is a simple app to solve a really niche problem which I face quite a lot. Every now and then I discover new artists who I need to explore. So I search for a “Best Of” album of theirs to add to my collection. And the bad part is that the album is not always available and what’s typically available is a 30-40 minute video that contains an array of the songs with a list in the description that contains the time at which each song begins. So I developed a simple python app that uses the urllib. API for the same is provided by Google API v3 and the music download API is provided by
The app isn’t quite robust and works for only a few types of videos, but works for me nevertheless.

Check the screenshots of the same below. A “Best of Ramones” video was used as test subject 😛

Youtube MP3 Splitter
Youtube MP3 Splitter

To use the app, check out my Github.

Future Improvements to be made:

  • Add a GUI for the same
  • Make the app universal, maybe able to parse the time from the description not the text
  • Parse the first comment if the description isn’t good enough

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