Centre For Excellence in Robotics: New Beginnings?

It all started off with a small announcement at my robotics society. A new centre, called Centre For Excellence in Robotics was coming up in IIT Kharagpur. It in fact was a brainchild of the current vice president of the Gymkhana and one of the seniors of our society itself.
CFER is something new. Something which has not been done ago. Research robotics in IIT KGP was earlier limited to confined domains. No incentives and institute support were virtually available… Funding and Publicity were hard to come by. All this is set to change. For real good.

CFER plans to bring all 12 (yeah, 12. I thought only 5 were there) robotics research groups in the campus under a single umbrella organization. The aim would be to ensure that relevant funds never obstruct the work, and also that the funds are being used fruitfully by the group. Also the groups would be given a stick whenever they fail to meet expectations. It is a practice to ensure the design and development of world class robotics technologies in the future at the largest and oldest IIT of India.Here’s what the main website of CFER has to say about its job roles.

The main emphasis of the centre is the design and development of intelligent and autonomous robots and work on research problems and innovative projects that extend the state of the art in robotics. The vision behind it is to promote and encourage student activities, research projects, and relevant courses related to this field. Besides the students, a large number of faculty members from various departments are part of this centre.

I joined the project last week and I’m really excited to make things work they should. The emphasis is more on managerial side but I would continue my technical endeavours, this is just something to feel good about and being responsible for stuff.

Check out the website of the centre for sure!

Let’s hope my new area of work is fruitful and pays me back!

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