Get on Last.FM already, people!

Ask any good friend of mine and just ask him how many times I’ve asked him/her to get on the gem of a music service called Last.FM. The answer would be something that literally makes them abuse my repetitiveness and boredom, but I’d continue doing so to everyone. The service is that good.
Most people have no idea what Last.FM is. In short it is a social music platform. You listen to music, form friends with similar music tastes, talk more about music, then get to know about more artists and tracks through them. Sounds cool. But this is not what I love the service about. All the good work has been incorporated into the recommendation platform. Face it, you listen to 50 songs a day. 350 a week, about 1500 a month. So in a month, if you let know someone the names of all the tracks you’ve heard, a good machine learning algorithms should churn out good and specific song recommendations for just you. That’s the main glorious part. God only knows how many songs a day have been recommended to me, and voila, I like most of them!

So how do I get music recos? You need to get an app called Scrobbler which is available for Windows and Mac. Fellow Linux users, I’d come back to you. Download the Scrobbler which installs a plugin for WMP, Winamp, Foobar and Itunes. Now each time you listen to a song, the app sends the data to the service which you have to connect to via your free Last.FM account. Now after a good amount of listens, go to your recommendations tab on the website or just play your recommended radio and just feel strange about the amount of good music lying under your field of vision! And yeah, my Linux friends. You don’t need to install Scrobbler. Most players like Amarok, Rhythmbox, VLC and Clementine already come with Last.FM integration.
Youtube/Spotify scrobbling? Check out FoxyScrobbler for firefox and Scrobbler for Chrome. The official Last.FM works well for Android and iPhone. ScrobbleMe works good for Windows Phone users.

So what are you waiting for, get an account on Last.FM today!

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