List of things I’m totally excited about..

Right now end sems are approaching and I’ve not studied even a small bit of the portions. But the period of bliss begins after the real stress time, i.e. 24th of goddamned November. So right now, I’d focus on studying but there’s nothing wrong in being excited about arbitrary stuff isn’t it? So here’s what on the other side of my mind right now.

AGV Tasks

With no apparent work in hand earlier, with the new Mahindra e2o on its way and work on betterment of controls of the existing bot, it’s going to be a real exciting December stay in the campus! Need to study up about CAN buses, the transfer functions of BLDCs, fast power switching and a hell lot of stuff. Let’s hope this turns out to be the way I want

Winter Workshop

Every year, Robotix conducts a winter workshop where second years teach the basics of autonomous robotics and image processing to the interested first and second years. It’s an awesome experience as per recollections of seniors and I hope to find a great problem statement to tackle!

Algorithms/Control Theory/Machine Learning

These have been on my mind for quite a long time and relevant coursework was available by my side but still I couldn’t buy time to complete the courses. Now with the holidays approaching, I’d scrap off all other crap and focus on things that matter!


No idea how this new centre turns out to be but still if I get to be in touch with the research groups and profs in the campus, seems to be a good thing for me!

Fallout 4

Don’t exactly remember the last time I seriously gamed. I’m a single player guy, so was really excited for action RPGs and being an avid follower of the elder scrolls and fallout series, I seriously wish to give this game a shot. Maybe in the late vacations or so. Well no comment about how much it’d suck on my non gaming laptop/PC but if it works, I got a semester to drown! 😛

Random Stuff

More on this list are the Inter Hall HM project (which I can’t disclose for reasons obvious) and Techkriti 2016 if I get time to participate. 😉
More such posts later. Maybe the fest again springs up into action, god knows. I’m happy mugging right now!

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