New to Ubuntu? Here are few things you should consider doing!

Ubuntu can be easily be called the Linux for newbies and while being good at it, it doesn’t compromise at any costs at the functionality and customizability at any costs. Maybe that’s why it’s THAT popular. So if you’ve recently made a bold move and transitioned to the comfortable kingdom of our penguin lord, here’s what you should consider doing.

Update your Repositories

Ubuntu comes with several partner repositories that have tons of software with some restricted licenses and are not enabled by default. Open Software Center. Go to Edit>Software Sources and check everything in the sources. After that open up a terminal and type in “sudo apt-get update” and wait for the APT repositories to get updated. You have to be connected to the internet of course,

Install Essential Software

You can’t do without VLC, Flash Plugin, Oracle Java, GIMP. So search them in the software centre and install them for greater good. Also Synaptic Package Manager deserves a place on your PC.

Unity Tweak Tool

A program with a collection of hundreds of settings for Unity that were otherwise simply values in files in unexplored parts of your PC 😛 It allows for high degree of customizability and can be used to alter themes, icons, cursors, launchers, docks and much more. The tool is a must have for anyone, be it beginner, a regular user or a hardcore Linux junkie

Improve Battery Life

One of the major setbacks for any new Ubuntu user is how less juice it can offer. A regular laptop that runs for 4 hours on a Windows 10 OS will run out of steam in about 2 hours on a Ubuntu 15.04 system. But a few tweaks can to be applied, that can increase the life to say 3 hours. TLP is one such app. TLP is an advanced power management command line tool for Linux that tries to apply these settings / tweaks for you automatically, depending on your Linux distribution and hardware. To install TLP run following commands on a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linrunner/tlp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tlp tlp-rdw
sudo tlp start

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Install Wine

Wine is a compatibility layer for Windows programs on Ubuntu. Detailed instructions to install Wine are on the website . It can be used to run various applications like MS-Office, Photoshop (Older versions), Counter Strike and a lot more. Compatibility list is also on the same website which rates apps on a scale of garbage to gold based on how good they run on Linux.
If you wish to play games on Ubuntu, try Playonlinux which in itself is a graphical frontend for Wine, but is more focussed on gaming.



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