Self Balancing Autonomous Robot (2014)

This was a part of the workshop conducted by TRS in association with Texas Instruments and IEEE. The 7 day long workshop which was held in winters 2014 dealt with concepts of autonomous robotics. We learnt the basic functionalities of the ATMega microcontroller and then moved on to Arduino and it’s coding. The amount of knowledge gained in those 7 days was unimaginable.

Coming to the bot, it comprised of an inverted pendulum model and ran on two motors and used the accelerometer+gyroscope combination sensor MPU-6050 for the control. The objective of course to remain stable balanced on two wheels without falling down. The Problem statement was tackled in the last two days of the workshop and involved my first encounter with a manually tuned PID controller, something I used quite a lot in 2015.

The final bot was able to balance on two wheels for about 20 seconds or so, with longer periods not being possible due to imperfect transfer characteristics of the open loop DC motor system. I did happen to have a few videos of the robot. I’d add them to this post later if I do manage to find them.

A very good documentation on the project has been written by a very good friend of mine, Arundhati. A special thanks to her. The Link

Overall it was a great beginner project and paved my way for robotics as a more than hobby subject!

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