Music Recommendation Applet (2015)

Last.FM, as I have mentioned quite a lot of times is a gem of an API.
Last day of exams. Nightout. Have screwed up the paper. Feeling sleepy, need to relax.

From nothing to up and running in two hours of ‘stack overflow’-ing, this python source uses eyed3 library to view the tags of the songs in its current folder, looks them up on Last.FM, gets shit done and gives you good music to treat your lovely ears to. Takes time though.

To use the app you need to have the eyeD3 library that can read ID3 information. If you don’t happen to have it:

So here’s are screenshots of the app doing stuff!




You can view this project on my Github, and maybe use it too. Right now it’s rudimentary. Possible future improvements:

  • GUI of course
  • Exception handler for URL errors
  • Self network settings
  • Repeat songs deletion



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