When Stars Shine (Poetry)

This was something that sprung into my mind while talking to a friend. I’m generally not poetic but I was as close to being so with this one as possible. Hope you like it!

When Stars Shine

You were the enigma, you were the verve
You were consecutive, you were the curve!
You were vivid, like shimmering gold
You were more, but just couldn’t behold.

You were the luminous, the cynosure.
Radiant at the surface, brighter at the core.
Spreading the vibes, radiating the ardour,
Well that won’t lull you from striving harder!

They prophecy extinguishing, the flames aren’t eternal
They tried to annihilate, they started from the kernel!
The worst of all faults, appeared right in the scene
Was it really expected? Was it truly foreseen?

But the sayings of karma weren’t meant to be untrue
If vividness you let out, what else’d be bestowing over you!
The dynamism of the events, that weren’t to stay
Don’t recall anything, now you hear yourself say!

Do you even appreciate who you are?
Definitely not flawless, but a blazing star!
And ho! I ain’t got the courage to wail and whine,
When stars shine, when stars shine!!

-Siddharth Jha

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