Downloading a lot of YouTube videos from a playlist.

Every now and then, we wish to download a playlist of favourites altogether on one click. It’s pretty fly to do it when your playlist has like 15 videos. But every now and then an urge to learn rises and you feel like download a 300 video playlist. To my surprise, I had to find a way around to manage it all, when I had to do it recently. So here I’m sharing the knowledge both for some reader and for my own reference too.

First of all, you need Firefox. Sorry Chrome fanboys, a similar tool might be available for you all, but DownThemAll as a addon for Firefox is just killer. So basically you get the cut, download Firefox and install the DownThemAll addon from here.

After installing, navigate to the playlist you wish to download and copy the URL. Now’s the fun part. Go to this awesome site that does the hard work for you. It presents the links to download all your videos on a single page. Here’s a demo screenshot.


Now just right click and select DownThemAll. Now select everything that has a googlevideo type URL to it by selecting one, holding down the shift button and selecting all of your videos in the process. Now all you have to do is right click, select check all selected and then click on the Start! button. And that’s it! All your videos would be saved in a custom directory specified by you. You can batch rename them all in the process too. 🙂


Hope this turns out to be useful to you all. Thanks for reading!

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