New year and me.

So every year, today’s the day to feel motivated about the coming 365 (well 366 this year) days that we feel would make an impact. They do, always. Never has an year passed without us creating much fuss about it. Nothing changes after all. It’s the same sun that set. The same sun that rose… What changed?

New year is that celebration of leaving the past behind and moving on unlike another.  All this stress takes over me quite a lot of time and I’ve grown adept at leaving stuff behind for good.

2015 was great in many regards. As an individual, I’ve matured a lot in my honest opinion, learnt a lot of new things. Experienced victories and failures in many forms, made friends with a lot of people and overall was a positive year for me. For my own satisfaction,  I lost karma points as a whole last year.

New Year resolutions, just prayers to make yourself work hard so that the net karma is as close to zero as possible (Won’t be positive for sure. That’s for the later years of life 😀 ). I won’t lie. I’ve made a lot of them too. Secretly, as everyone does. I plan to abide by them, and as all my plans go, they too might crumble into oblivion, or I truly might improve myself as an individual, while giving happiness to more and more people around me. I won’t go public (as if I have too many readers 😛 ) about this, but the biggest resolution I’m taking this year is to stop being a critique of everything and let things be. Like everyone else, the act of giving happiness is always more rewarding than forcing happiness, and henceforth I presume I won’t give a damn about others attitude towards life. I’d try to improve myself so as to become a commodity for the people around me, rather than a nuisance. Hope my self improvement path leads me to happiness too!

Yeah, nothing changes. People never do. But I’ve waited for a new beginning for sure, and a bittersweet upcoming year it is… Happy New Year everyone!


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