Cool service to download torrents for free to where they’re blocked

We generally are at a loss of words when asked about how we manage without torrents. Pirate little bastards as we already are, the urge is generally satisfied in our case by the share of some of the people in possession of the glorious content we need on our local P2P DC++ server. But no one in the world can conquer the mighty torrent lords. Consider steam games for an example. I do generally wish to play them while they’re not a fad here in KGP, so I turn to the internet where stuff is shared, and you might dig gold if you know how to but in the long run, the best option is always to download a torrent file!


So here comes, a service that downloads torrents for you. Meh, you’d say, as and Boxopus did that for you already right. But they had a bandwidth limit per user for a free plan, and has just removed that too. It still has a 2GB online storage limit, but considering that I’d generally need steam games and music albums, along with the random documentary here and there, I guess I’ve just found my soulmate! Heavy game and Blu-ray movie seekers, look elsewhere!

Download speeds to their own server are good and while I manage download speeds of around 1 megabyte per second while downloading stuff, the download to their server would easily clock at 5. Once downloaded to their server, you can preview and actually listen to the entire music (which was the test subject) on the site, as well as download it to your own PC.


Overall a Def Leppard Best of compilation at 490 Megabytes took about 15 minutes from the start to the end. Not bad, considering that it was my first try and I’d be careful enough to use download managers next time. So it’s around 2-3 gigabytes in a single hour for me. and yeah I’ve found a new friend in seedr.

So head to now!

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