Won a free Beaglebone Green at SeeedStudio IoT challenge!

Although my previous try of winning a free Arduino MKR1000 at hackster.io led to a failure (The odds were in my favour, 1000 guys had to win boards out of potential 1800 who had submitted ideas and I somehow managed to be among the losing 800 😛 ). And surprisingly when only 20 guys had to win among a potential 255 in the SeeedStudio Beaglebone IoT challenge, an email addressed to me asks for address details to ship a free Beaglebone Green.


BBG Contest Banner

The BBG is essentially a BBB sans the micro HDMI, couple of useless grove sensor inputs thrown in, RTC added and made a whole $10 cheaper. Everything that works on the Black works on the Green too, and I seriously hope to make awesome projects with my Pi 2 as well as my Beaglebone Green.

Coming to the specifics of the competition, I had designed a method to allow music bands to play together using MIDI instruments and connected Beaglebones, even when they were physically not at the same place. Now that the idea is selected, I wish to make the most out of the idea and can’t wait to make a full fledged MIDI decoder with timestamping in order to turn my Internet of Bands idea into a success.


The link to my submission.

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