Won a Creator Ci20 at hackster.io!

As another pleasant surprise (and another free board this week), My entry to the competition “Terminate the competition with Creator Ci20” was selected as one of the top 50 entries out of a potential 180, and hence I’m winning the brand new purple Creator Ci20 board for free.

The board is a SBC that features Wifi and Bluetooth integrated, and does away with my woes of not buying a RPi 3 as opposed to RPi 2. Also it comes with 8 gigs of flash memory on board, so I do not have to invest in another SD card. Also unlike the Pi2, it comes with a DC adapter jack. Sigh!


My idea was similar to what I had implemented on the LASER webcam project, and involved making a turret that can follow the direction of the eyes and accurately calculate the distances of the target and align itself in order to have better shot accuracy. This was only to incorporate the Terminator theme into the idea, I’m not a violence friendly person! Peace!


I can’t wait to have this purple beauty in my hands, and turn my new idea to a full fledged hardware.

Link to my entry


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