Hard earned silver in Inter Hall Hardware Modelling 2016!

Building upon the success story of winning the inter hall hardware modelling competition at IIT Kharagpur as a part of LBS Hall’s team in my freshman year, I, as a part of the team of Azad Hall of Residence won the silver medal this year too.

Our entry was an mobile industrial robot, quite weirdly named THAWR (Teachable Human Augmentation Workstation Robot), complete with 6 high torque linear actuators, 2 high torque DC motors and a lot of sensors all interfaced through an ATMega 2560 development board and a Raspberry Pi 2. It could follow the directives of the operator and once trained, could repeat the actions endlessly. Also it had a voice command features.


My work involved using training libraries in Python for efficient and quick speech detection (Would write a tutorial on this soon) and also sensor interfacing. I would love to write a detailed report of the robot’s architecture, but that’s for another day. Missed out on the gold, but still happy because our work was appreciated a lot. Right now, I am too sleepy because I’ve been working sans breaks for the last two days. And yeah, would go for gold next year for sure!

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