Selected for Anveshan 2016 IoT Challenge!


One of the few good things I did last summer was submit an idea to Anveshan 2016 IoT challenge, and fortunately enough, me and two of my best friends got selected for the same. The idea was something we had worked on before, at least some of it. I had developed a walking stick for the blind in a hackathon organized by IEEE IITKGP and the two of my friends (in a separate team) developed a step counter localization system in the same 2 day event.

We planned to combine the ideas and develop a novel new product that can help the blind people navigate in an unknown environment. Now we receive upto Rs. 1 Lakh worth of funding from Analog Devices to make a prototype by February ’17.

I’m pretty excited to work on this front, and do hope to give in great efforts in order to make this product a reality.

Here is the link to the project submission.

Here is the link to the proposal video.

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