Anveshan diaries #1: Awesome resources!

Last Update: 02.08
So I had no intern diaries this summer to speak of, but the selection into this reputed competition named Anveshan means a good thing to me and I am pretty excited to make my project count.

I am against secrecy when it comes to technology (that’s a bad tactic, I know 😛 ). So here on this periodically updated blog post, I would list down useful links, products, research papers, videos etc. that are of concern to my project and which would serve as a good reference for me as well.

9DOF IMU from Bosch BNO055



A6 GSM Module




3D Tracking with IMU

Vision Based Occupancy Sensing


A Novel Method to Integrate IMU and Magnetometers in Attitude and Heading Reference Systems


On the Design of a Wearable Multi-sensor System for Recognizing Motion Modes and Sit-to-stand Transition


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