Hardware Modelling Captain, Azad Hall of Residence 2016-17

This morning, a news broke out as a pleasant surprise to me. I have been selected as one of the captains for the inter hall hardware exhibition team, Azad Hall of Residence, IIT Kharagpur for the session of 2016-17. There wasn’t any sort of election or voting etc., captains were just chosen based on their dedication towards the cause and performance in the previous iteration of the event, by the previous captains (who happened to be fourth years in 2015-16, and were graduating) and the rest of the team.


So the responsibility now rests on my shoulders, along with two other friends (a third year, a fourth year) to lead the Azad Hall of Residence Hardware Modelling to a medal for the session of 2016-17. The legacy is big behind us (Azad has never gone outside top 3 since the Tech GC was initiated in 2003) and we have to carry it forward.

I never was a person high on tempo for the hall, but this event problem statement is pretty concurrent to what I like to do. So I guess it’s time for a Yo Azad!



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