Man United 2-0 Southampton: Analysis

Man United are back!!! I’ve waited soooo long for this. Chances are being created, there’s creativity on the ball, the defence is unshakable and everyone feels confident. I felt sceptical about Mourinho at first but he indeed is a magician, I suppose. The 2-0 home victory against Southampton is a testimony to that. Here’s my post match analysis.


Barring few occasions like a Southampton cross that failed to meet anyone, I never was terrified about the us conceding. The defence was rock solid and Bailly gives his 100% to defend. Really good signing. Blind was one of the reasons why our play didn’t remain on the back seat for long (his touch was exquisite and really played good forward balls). Valencia feels threatening and seems to have gotten over his bad phase. Shaw is as pacy as anyone in the field, although I do wish he does his marking better. Pogba showed his worth ( amazing ball control and wins possession in the tightest and just can’t be shaken off the ball). Mata once again played like the magician he is. Fellaini was good again, but I’d still prefer Schneiderlin starting with pogba. Martial was good in the 2nd half but should have converted that 1 on 2 opportunity. Rooney was average but played in a great cross for that goal. Mkhitaryan played way better and in just 15 minutes, proved why he’s one of the best attacking mids in the world. Needless to say, Zlatan is the god of Manchester.

I feel Martial needs to work more on his game and Depay needs to be given starts. Playing with such a balanced team, I believe he’d perform well. Fellaini is a mixed decision, let Schneiderlin play. United won’t put Rooney on the bench, so Mkhitaryan can replace Mata for a few matches.

I really feel optimistic about this current side. Yeah it was only Southampton but it felt awesome watching counter attacking football, solid defending, ball control in the mid and good chances created.

Too hyped for the derby!! 😍😍

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