Anveshan diaries #3: Power Supply project ideas using tilt switches

I am building an awesome new power system for sensors that wake up and go to sleep based on usage. This idea came to my mind a week back and I immediately decided to order the associated components required for the same. Well now I do have them, and here’s a video testing the Sw520D tilt switches that are really inexpensive and would help me do the required.

I also need a long lasting power source for the circuit. For that purpose I ripped apart my old power bank and got 4 Li-ion batteries (3.7V, 2600mAh) in good condition along with a well designed power supply cum charging circuit. I’m not entirely sure if I’d be able to replicate the circuit or not, but a try is definitely worth it.


I wish to turn this idea into reality and I hope the power electronics knowledge does pay off. Once implemented, this idea should give a good battery life to the wireless sensors in the Anveshan project.

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