My current technical weaponry

The current workbench of mine comprises of the following stuff. I have had a keen interest in electronics and programming for quite a while and have won/collected/bought a lot of stuff that I experiment with.

  • A Raspberry Pi 2.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero.
  • Creator Ci20.
  • Arduino Mega 2560. Two of  them.
  • MSP430 Launchpad (I don’t really play with it. I just have it)
  • Numato Lab Mimas V2 Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board.
  • Logitech Webcams (For Image Processing)
  • OV7670 Camera Module.
  • Data Acquisition System. Cheap one.
  • Rotary Tool with bits
  • Hacksaws.
  • Precision Screwdriver set
  • Soldering Station
  • A Multimeter.
  • Two Breadboards.
  • HDMI to VGA converter (For hooking the microcomputers on to monitors)
  • Hacksaws.
  • USB to TTL converter
  • Wiced Bluetooth Sense
  • LiPo and Li-ion batteries.
  • ATMega 16 Development board.
  • Two servo motors.
  • NRF24 communication modules.
  • ESP8266 WiFi module.
  • Stepper Motors.
  • Magnetometer HMC5883, MPU6050 and ADXL335 modules.
  • Jumper Wires. A lot of them.
  • Random BJTs, MOSFETs, Op-Amps and a few important chips.

This list is not exhaustive, but lists down the major stuff. I also have stuff even I’m not sure about. Altogether, these things comprise my technical weaponry and make up the workbench of mine. I plan to get an oscilloscope and a better multimeter as soon as I get hands on some money of my own. All this, and I am sure I’d do something cool soon.

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