My Pi 2 goes wireless, almost!

So the dreadful midsems finally got over again, and I screwed up a bunch of exams (but I’m kind of immune to all this now). I have a nice vacation before the classes begin and have much to accomplish. One of the things that had to be done was concerning IBM day 2016 (24th September), and I had bought a wireless USB antenna for wireless communication with RPi and over ROS.

I had bought a cheap 150Mbps dongle based on Mediatek 7601 for less than Rs. 400 ($6), and hoped to get it running as a plug and play device. Man, was I wrong!


I then spent the evening of mine looking for solutions, and it eventually dawned to me that my RPi was running Linux kernel 4.19v7 and the Mediatek driver support is from 4.2 onwards. SMH.

And the regular adding the ssid to wpa_supplicant worked. I’m now able to SSH into my Pi 2 sans cables, and am quite happy about this. It does still require a power source, so either a power bank or a charger would still be connected, but it is still more manageable than a ethernet cable hassle. I hope to perform well at IBM day!

Success, yeah almost

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