Anveshan diaries #4: Communication issues resolved, first prototype on its way!

Anveshan work began after a really long time, with the DP vacations under way. We had already got a good sum in our bank accounts for the components and hence had ordered them without regret. With them in our hands, it was time to test everything out. And that’s what we did.

Our tasklist was to connect a uBlox NEO6MV2 GPS module, 2 BNO055 sensors and the capacitive touch sensor modules to Arduino and send data via NRF24L01 to the Raspberry Pi, which in turn had to make ROS topics for universal data access.

There were several issues, but we decided to get them all resolved. UART on RPi fried? Used USB to FTDI cable. No geometry_msgs package in ROScomm? Installed it on a separate workspace and copied it from there ( 😛 ). Multiple NRFs data merging? Assign datastamps to all of them. No cheap power source for sensors? Hack a power bank (for the second time in under a month) to reclaim 6 3400mAh cells (I already have 4 2600mAh ones).


And thus with a lot of brainstorming, debugging and a hell lot of QuizUp sessions in between, we finally managed to get it all running. Next stop: prototype the power supply modules and make small sensor data boards for the same. This project is sailing smoothly as for now!

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