Working with awesome sensors at AGV

I haven’t been posting for a while, with the university registrations and stabilizing into the monotony of the life taking some time. I have resumed work with AGV, now working on sensors more commonly found on real world cars due to the ongoing Rise Prize project. As a result, I now am working primarily with the Carnegie Multisense S7 stereo camera. I’d try to implement robust bumper detection and resulting creep and crawl control soon and am also working on stereo visual odometry.

Coloured PointCloud from Multisense

Also a few new sensors have arrived in the lab, like the shiny new SICK LMS511 LiDaR and the Novatel GPS sensor. I had fun interfacing these and testing out the raw data.

SICK LiDaR scan

Also, we installed and ran Autoware on the AGV PC and ran the inbuilt SLAM module using the Velodyne, and the results were impressive. With the new Husky UGV about to arrive and the work on the DuneBuggy almost ready for test, I anticipate awesomeness ahead!

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