I’m an undergraduate at IIT Kharagpur, majoring in Electrical Engineering. I’m a fun loving technical enthusiast. I love to read about engineering applications and research around the world and try to emulate them in my own confined world. I call that experimenting. Yes, I love experimenting. A lot. As of now my interests include control systems, computer vision, state estimation, embedded systems, circuit logic, algorithms and motion planning. I love trying new stuff, so they are bound to increase!

I am a music aficionado. Rock of almost all types fill up my ever growing playlist, with progressive, classic and blues rock forming the majority along with hard rock, metal and grunge also filling in spaces. I am also a Manchester United Football Club devotee and sports, especially football do form an integral part of my life. Other than that, I read a lot and in my pastime sometimes write random stuff too. I refrain from watching movies and TV series, I find them a waste of time. In my free time, I prefer scrolling through random articles on Wikipedia or things related to my ongoing work.

I dream to become a helping hand to the world someday.. 🙂