3D printed LASER-webcam Rangefinder

Started: Feb ’16

Stopped: Sep ’16

Areas worked on: Image Processing, numPy, 3D printing, circuit design

Current tasks: None in particular. Maybe get a research paper out of it.

I thought of this idea quite a while back. I built this personal hardware project just for fun and learning purposes. The basic Raspberry Pi circuit was ready by Feb ’16 and was not ROS compatible, it just stored the data locally and did not publish it. Then in August of 2016, I made several changes to the design, 3D printed the camera and LASER mount (Earlier it was a duct tape prototype 😛 ), added ROS PointCloud2 format compatibility (with ROSBerry Pi) and also submitted the idea for an innovation challenge (IBM Day 2016). It now consists of a 3D printed camera mount with a LASER gun that can be used to estimate distances and publish them in ROS compatible formats using Raspberry Pi.






Initial Project Idea

Link to IBM day blog post

Link to Tutorial

Link to Github Repo



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