Low Cost Autonomous Bicycle (i-Bike v1)

Started: Jan ’15

Stopped: May ’15

Areas worked on: Sensor interfacing, control system, obstacle avoidance, Circuit design

Current Tasks: None.



i-Bike was a prototype intelligent battery powered bicycle that was automated using Arduino programming. Many sensors were mounted on the bicycle and were interfaced using two Arduino boards communicating to each other. The bike could avoid obstacles, get activated upon receipt of SMS messages and send its location over the internet. My work included the control aspect of the bike, obstacle avoidance using ultrasonic rangefinders and overall programming of the hardware. The project won the gold medal in the inter hall hardware exhibition held in April 2015.


The student member team which completed this project won Gold Medals and recognition at various places and competitions. The research was also published in the IEEE Transportation and Electrification Conference. (ITEC). It was also featured on national television.

A further developed prototype of the bicycle (iBike v2), on which my contribution was less, won the KPIT sparkle 2016 innovation challenge and a funding of Rs 5 Lacs (~USD 8000).

Link to research paper

Link to Github Repository for old codes

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