Retina² (Finalist, Analog Devices IoT Challenge)

Started: July 2016

Stopped: April 2017

Areas worked on: Seamless wireless communication, Kalman Filtering, Text to Speech, Google API parsing

Current Tasks: Using 9DOF IMUs for accurate localization, sensor fusion for corrected yaw angle, electronic system integration


My team is one of the finalists of the Anveshan 2016 IoT Challenge conducted by Analog Devices. Our project Retina² is a real time geonavigation cum tracking system for the visually impaired which is both economically feasible and real world ready. The project involves multi sensor data fusion, step counting algorithms, real time localization, machine learning, power management. The project is fully funded by Analog Devices and concludes in early 2017.



The link to project related posts on my webpage.

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