SKALA: A Stair Climbing Autonomous Robot

Started: Nov ’16

Stopped: Apr ’17

Areas worked on: Vision based navigation, embedded design, architecture

Current Tasks: Improvements

SKALA was Azad Hall Hardware Modelling team’s entry for the 2017 version of the hardware exhibition. I was the overall captain and coordinator of the team. It basically was a heavy duty wheelchair hybrid that was capable of climbing stairs. It could carry a person up and down stairs, and also was capable of moving on the ground. It could be controlled manually, via voice and also had an autonomous mode of operation.

I worked on computer vision based target following for navigation, voice control and embedded design. The overall concept was a hybrid of a few existing products. We used Kanade-Lucas tracking of Shi Tomasi corners for achieving autonomy. For voice navigation, CMUSphinx was used.

As a proof of concept, we also interfaced a MindFlex headset with a microcontroller for controlling an actuator.

We worked for over 5 months on the project, and it finally paid off with us getting a gold medal in the hardware modelling event in the technology general championship, which Azad eventually won. This brings my streak to a Gold-Silver-Gold in 3 consecutive hardware modelling competitions, and that makes me happy.

I look forward to patenting and publishing the final product.

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