Last Update: 23.06.2016

Here on this page I generally update whatever I might work on in the future, or what I’m working on. It acts as a good online whiteboard for me as well as lets me share ideas.

Genre Discovery Service

Want to use Last.FM API and Machine Learning to help suggest new genres of music to listeners.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Currently working on detecting traffic signs irrespective of lighting condition and robust to partial occlusions.
Paper Link:

Autotagger Service

Wish to use the music recognition APIs like EchoPrint and code a simple application that auto tags all your music collection, downloading the missing data by itself. Preferably Python would be used for the same.
API Link:

Air Hockey Robot

Idea: Make a simple omni directional robot that may move in an air hockey arena and play the same against a human opponent.
Video Link:

May be in for some other time.

✓ Cheap 3D object Scanner

Found out a cool instructable that does just that. I wish to modify and make it for an online competition.


Partially done. Actually I modified the project to make it work like a 3D distance calculator, which returns the approximate distance in the X,Y,Z directions.


Controls Theory for front steering robots

Instead of assuming the system as a black box and manually tuning the control parameters using a single sensor input, we wish to calculate an easily relatable transfer function which we’d modify for real world parameters to calculate the output for any input.
Relevant Course:


Last.FM Recommendation Standalone

Celebrating the already awesome work by guys at Last.FM, plan to develop a standalone executable for recommendations based on content and genre of songs in any specified folder.

Step Counting Algorithm using accelerometers

To Do: Implement a system using two accelerometers and a digital compass that can be used to calculate positions of a person by approximately calculating how many steps he has taken and hence how much distance has been covered.