Team AGV: New Tasks \m/

After joining Team AGV, only god knows how much knowledge I’ve gained on the technical front. The 4 months from March to June were phenomenal in terms of amount of new stuff I incorporated into my skill base. The AVR recap, STM sessions, followed by the Beaglebone coding, and then moving it all on the ROS platform, ever1ything was real amazing.
But sadly, work saturation started to happen at the start of this sem i.e. at the end of the summer vacations. Work shifted focus largely and embedded team, especially me into the controls segment had pretty less work to do.
I didn’t like that all. In the entire semester, I haven’t done any concrete work that’d help the new car. All I have done is read, write, test, repeat.
But that was a phase for sure. New horizons are soon opening up. New tasks await! Lots of them. Most involving me! So no marks for guessing who’s going to be a busy man next semester 🙂

As of now, two to three main tasks for the Eklavya 4.0 await. The customary PID tuning is not counted as a task. The main implementable part is the usage of low current microcontrollers like Arduino Due and be able to switch motors power with large amount of current involved. That’d probably require either current amplification or a really fast electronic switch. MOSFETs seem to be a viable option but with total currents sometimes reaching 7A on load, we need to ensure the safety of the microcontroller and also account for good heatsinking. Also a related task is to be able to reverse the direction of the BLDC using the similar fast switching technique. Also since the controls for the reversed system would be entirely different, the entire code have to be rewritten.

Also we expect a new car from the Mahindra Rise driverless car challenge to arrive somewhere in January. For that, implementation of CAN communication has to be dealt with. Also I’d make further contributions for the planning team soon. But that’s another story.

In short, I’m happy because I won’t be idle from now on!

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