Sherlock [Robotix 2016]

The fest was never away, as my seniors said. The number of events got reduced to 4 from 6 and the one I was working on earlier, namely Matrix has been one of the victims of the scrapping, for being too complex to say at least. So my focus has now shifted to one of the autonomous events that did not face the axe, namely Sherlock which was earlier being managed by my friend Manash alone. So now we both have to make this one a grand success.

The event revolves around a simple differential drive robot following magnetic headings in order to find its way around in an arena. The data is received using NEC IR protocol using a simple sensor. The challenge that lay in Matrix was that participation was expensive and there was no guarantee for successful runs. This event is not burdening on the pocket and is simple enough to be tackled, while algorithmic enough to be able to differentiate between the good teams and the amateurs.


The event earlier only focussed on waypoint following, but we sat down together and finalized the PS in a way much more algorithmic and real life related than ever. Now the robot has to minimize a weighted sum of no. of nodes and cost incurred in travelling and arrive at the final destination in the best way possible. Now that’s something.

I hope to make this one another feather in TRS’ cap . Don’t know what lies in the future, but for now I’m totally committed to making this big!

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