Fast Forward to Mediocrity.

I was wondering about the times I had a few years back. The energy was noncompromised, the confidence level was high as the Everest and the greatest fear was….nothing.

Then I ponder about my life nowadays, how I waste half of my time and do nothing productive. I have a lot to do as of now. I need to learn a lot, maybe should fight for a good intern, and should focus on academics as well as sports, that’s what I should be. But as of now most of my time is spent doing shit. 9gag, chatting, Facebook are minor contributors and the sheer amount of time wasted at TRS is something that can’t be ignored. No this isn’t me. I condemned people like me back in first year. I was always an achiever in all regards. There’s no need to be humble here. I have to achieve and that too with a bang. Good thing is that no one from my family pressurizes me to become so. It’s just me and a group of close friends that make me wonder “What in the world has happened to me?”.  I have been a not so proud possessor of my own Raspberry Pi 2 since September and to date I can’t find a single project to my name using that. I’m now a lower-aththi in terms of CGPA and was never a guy THIS bad! I’ve bought components for a project for like 20 days now and still haven’t made my chassis when it’s a 2 day job.

I won’t say much except that this is not me. A good thing is that I have been attending all classes and haven’t been off in the academics segment. That too is going to change as I have to leave for my home tomorrow due to family problems. No  issues, I’d cover up for sure. The only thing I need to change is

The problem lies in the fact that I have started to feel rested and content where I shouldn’t be. My forte has always being divergent and always thinking differently than others. Once I start following the herd, I no longer remain Siddharth Jha. My life curve is extrapolating to mediocrity 😛 Can’t let that happen.

Hope this post inspires me and gives me a kick on my butt everything I take a look at it! I need to go back to winning ways 🙂

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