Laser based distance sensor using Image Processing (2016)

As my first major project of the new year, this has to be special. What I intend to make is a long distance measurement sensor with good range (upto 10m) and which can be fit easily on a small simple autonomous robot, powered by a single SBC, my trustful Raspberry Pi 2 in my case. A stepper motor (chosen just because I wanted full 360-degree rotation) is used to rotate a platform. A servo motor would control the pitch of the platform plus motor assembly.

Upon that platform, I would add a VGA webcam and a laser diode for which I have to solder a power circuit. Now upon turning the LASER on, the distance from the center of the screen is a linear function of the angle in radians. The entire concept is heavily based on this site.

The distance detection code is simply a red coloured blob detection and then calculating its distance from the center pixel. It’s written in Python and based on the openCV library. I’d share it shortly, once the project is complete

Upon rotation and processing data, I plan to make an approximate map of the surroundings, along with getting the 3D space coordinates with respect to the webcam for any point in the plane.

Chassis Complete.

Update: Power Circuit soldered

OpenCV code complete.
Motors tested individually.

Entire code working


Expected Finishing time: March 5, 2016.

Once complete, I’d add a complete step by step tutorial on making the same.

Update: Tutorial Link is up!


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