Why I feel connected to Man United?

Till class 8th, football meant nothing to me. I had a keen interest in sports and all, and played Tennis too. And of course, cricket formed a regular in my TV schedule. In 8th, There was a guy in my friend circlewho used to watch the BPL and was a Man United fan, and then there was a Blue guy too. That was a time when Chelsea were dominating everything. Their talks, and overall fights related to football turned into excitation for me too. It was a time when Man United and Chelsea were the best teams in the world (Remember 2008 final, anyone?) and Man United could boast of having the likes of Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra in the defence line and Berbatov, Rooney upfront with Nani, Fletcher, Ji Sung behind them, and finally with the mighty mighty Van Der Sar back home. I played FIFA 11 and FIFA 12 with United as my team and it was early in class 9th in which I watched my first PL match. I watched the reds lift the 2010/11 trophy and losing just 4 matches in the league and felt strong supporting them! And then there was this Mexican poacher upfront who became my idol. I fantasised his playing style and tried to ape him and his prayer gesture. By the end of secondary school, I was a red devil by heart! I created sidchicharito@gmail.com back then and use the id to date ( I don’t feel bad about it at all!)

Used to be my idol.

A lot has changed since then, Hernandez himself is no longer a red, and is still firing his way to glory in Germany. 78 goals a season by United have been almost cut down to half, extrapolating our current performance to season end. 1-0 down which meant no fear back then (The comeback kings 🙂 ) are now common FT results. The overall temperament has changed, and players are coming in and going out. For the last 2 seasons we have failed to achieve significantly. This season we’re 5th right now and would fail to qualify for UCL in this fashion. People are desperate to get the manager sacked.

But deep in heart, I remained a red. Because in a way, that is what has become of me too. I look back to 2010, and think about my own glory. Then I look at myself from today and here I am. I am what Man United is. United are not a bad team by any standards even today, but has just lost its polish. Yeah, the same for me. We’re set to finish outside top 3 for sure, and I am due to fail my expectations for the year too. When United shined, I shined too. If I left their side (Read not having any source to watch matches during JEE preparation), they failed too (7th in Class 12th season).

But if there’s one thing in the world that I believe in, it’s the law of karma. You reap what you sow. Call it anything, but I know that the law can’t be defeated. If I put in efforts, I am due to succeed. Efforts had diminished last semester in all spheres of life. This semester has started better and I expect to get results 🙂 And the same for United. In a way, I decide if my team wins or not. Because Manchester United Football Club is a part of me, and if I have to work to get results for them too.

And nothing in the world is achieved by sacking the manager. Sacking the manager and getting a new one is one thing, and putting trust in the current manager and letting him guide you while you put in your best efforts is another. I currently feel blessed to be where I am, and as always I know I have it in me, just like MUFC do. I trust Louis Van Gaal and am sure he’s going to bring us laurels. And I would continue my endeavours just like him and would come out again at the top!

Glory Glory Man United, as the reds go marching on!! on!! on!!



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