Why all this negativity in Man United? (Watford 3-1 United)

United fans feeling pissed off because their team is in shambles? Nothing new about this right? That’s what we’ve all been doing for 3 years now. Moyes was a disaster, Van Gaal was an average tactician who still has my respect and all the while Sir Alex watched the empire he built, slowly crumbling down.

Then came FA cup victory, and then the long awaited sacking of LVG, and then over a period of 3 months, United shelled out rivers of cash on 4 world class players, a proven manager and a shitload of negativity and ridicule that came along with the so called “Chosen One”. I always was skeptical about this particular guy, and then for a sudden burst of time, everything became normal. 3 PL wins in a row, Zlatan scoring, creative midfield runs and all that you’d expect from good football teams.


And then came this week of football. 2-1 loss against City (who outplayed us in every department), 1-0 down to Feyenoord (overconfidence) and then the 3-1 loss to Watford. No I’m not going to whine again about the lack of composure in defence, the misplaced passes and the absurd crosses to say the least. What broke my heart today was the downright offensive attitude of United players, something I associated personally with Chelsea and sometimes, Real Madrid. It’s not everyday that Man United players get overwhelmed by a crowd uproar and a substitution. The fact is that, most of the team is just pretending to be Man United. Deep inside, most of the players are worried. Worried about the lack of training, composure, balance and painting it all up with a display of arrogance, superiority and downright offensiveness.

When Rooney was booked after a challenge, and then yelled into the assistant’s face, some part of me crashed inside. I left the match DISGUSTED (they scored another one after that).


I blame it all on the Mou guy. I congratulate him on bringing world class players to the team and doing very well in the transfer market. But I abhor him for turning my once-favourite player (2012 Rooney <3 )into a spoiled rich brat that he used to be in his early 20s. And then there’s arrogant Pogba (plays like shit 80% of the time), arrogant Smalling (for no apparent reason), arrogant Martial (money does spoil you, doesn’t it Mr. Prodigy?) and of course Zlatan (you won’t ever be counted as one of the best in the world if you don’t respect the game, big guy) and you get to see what shit that guy has brought to my team. These people don’t train well and are just piggybacking on their glorious past and exorbitant wages to be a part of the phenomenon called Manchester United.

I actually feel sorry for Rashford, Shaw and Bailly, who give good efforts on the pitch. I don’t quite know how Shaw has been able to evade the bubble, but kudos to him. It’s a matter of time before Rashford becomes a victim too (I read a new record deal is on it’s way).

I don’t even know what to say. Let them settle down, give them some time are some of the crap things my fellow fans are saying. I say, train them to become the beasts they were before joining and please get prejudice out of my team. I don’t expect the latter to happen as long as the man is in charge. Nevermind, the first request? Please?

Rooney? Are you still there? Be my love again. Please. Please <3


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